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Welcome 2012-03-07

Welcome to the website of Felsőörs!

For any information please contact Mayor Balazs Szabo on onkormanyzat@felsoors.hu or call +36 70 320 6851.

Felsőörs, this characteristic Balaton Highlands settlement, kindly offers its fascinating panorama and cosy atmosphere to those who would like to relax and enjoy themselves in an idyllic rural environment. The village has so far remained unspoiled by mass tourism.
The provostal church, dating from the age of the Árpádian kings, is a sight not to be missed in the region’s religious tourism. It was founded in the 11th century by the ancient noble Batthyány family whose ancestors originally come from Felsőörs. The church is said to be the most beautiful romanesque church of the Balaton Highlands. Concerts are regurarly held in it as part of the lively musical life of Felsőörs.
The Snétberger Music Talent Center opened its gates in 2011 in the Malomvölgy Education and Recreation Center.
Wine tourism is another flourishing branch of tourism in Felsőörs: the first three stations of Csopak Wine Route are located in Felsőörs as well as the vineyards of the Archdiocese of Veszprém.
Spring Hill in Felsőörs offers geological and palaeontological objects of international interest. Thanks to the diligent work of hardworking geologists the first geological substratum of Hungary was discovered here. At the Geological Exhibition visitors can follow a nature trail to see the displayed findings.
The most significant characteristic of Felsőörs is the natural beauty of its environment and its unique location which make this village especially attractive to those who like outdoor sports like hiking, cycling, Nordic Walking or horse-riding and also to those who wish to relax.